I believe all children deserve a high quality public education with fully funded neighborhood schools. As a teacher, I see firsthand how the struggles of working class families impact a student’s ability to learn. That is why I fought for smaller class sizes and full-time social workers and nurses for every school in the 2019 teacher’s strike. As your State Representative, I will keep fighting to increase resources for afterschool programs, special education, and further reduced class sizes. I will also work to ensure the voices of community members and parents are present in decision making through an elected school board and restored bargaining rights for Chicago Public School teachers. 


Accountable Government

The 3rd District deserves a State Representative accountable to our community, not someone chosen by a select few. As a CPS teacher in the community who has fought for my students, advocated for local public services, and worked to ensure development without displacement - I will always put the interests of my community first in Springfield. As your State Representative I will fight for anti-corruption measures like ethics and campaign finance reform, while making sure community concerns are addressed and a part of important decision-making processes through town halls and responsive constituent services.



Every family should be able to stay together, and feel safe in their communities. As the daughter of immigrants, I’ve seen the trauma caused by deportation and the fear of separation. As your State Representative I will create policies to eliminate ICE presence in safe spaces so nobody is scared to go to school, the doctor, the grocery store, libraries or parks - and create accountability within these institutions to uphold those protections. I will also work to ensure nobody is denied access to resources because of their documentation status.


Community Safety

Every community should be safe from violence and crime. I believe the best way to protect against violence is by addressing the root cause and breaking the cycle of trauma and poverty. That means fighting for long-term solutions like fully resourced schools, mental health services, programs for youth, domestic violence victims, and other vulnerable people. We must also work to improve community/police relations, relieve pressure put on law enforcement to act as mental healthcare workers, and reform the presence of police in schools.


Investment in Working Families

I believe that workers are the backbone of our economy and we should be fighting for policies that invest and protect them and their families. Growing up in a working class family, I understand how hard it is to survive. Starting work at 16 to support my family, I struggled to stay in school and find jobs that allowed me to advance. Now as a public school teacher, I have seen first hand how organizing with our union gave us the power to fight for better resourced classrooms, getting us a nurse and social worker for every school. As a state legislator I will fight for policies that protect collective bargaining rights, increase wages, invest in small business, keep housing affordable, stimulate economic development without displacement, and prepare the next generation for a tech focused economy.


Affordable Healthcare

People shouldn’t have to make decisions about putting food on the table or getting the health care they need. Everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. Like so many of us, this struggle is personal for me. In 2016 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that threatened my sight. Even with a well-paid job and insurance, I am still paying off medical bills. That is why while I fight for Medicare for All in Illinois, I will also work to make healthcare more affordable and accessible by expanding Medicaid coverage to low-income families, lowering prescription drug costs, and making sure that our communities are aware of these programs and how to access them.