A voice for our working families.

Dear Neighbor:

My name is Nidia Carranza. I’m a lifelong northwestsider, CPS Pre-K bilingual teacher, Blackhawk Park Advisory Committee member, and community organizer. I’ve worked in our community to improve our public schools, keep working families in their homes, and defend our immigrant families from President Trump's deportation regime.

After earning my Master of Science in Education from Dominican University, I became a CPS Pre-K bilingual teacher. In that role, I've worked with children with special needs, and was a leader in the 2019 Chicago Teachers Union strike for educational equity - fighting to ensure our children had small class sizes, a nurse and social worker in every school, and the resources they need to succeed. 

As a CPS teacher I see the challenges my students and their families face every day. I am running for State Representative to take on the rigged political system that takes care of the wealthy and connected while our working families are left behind.

As your State Representative, I'll fight to build a system that works for everyone - with quality health care for every family, housing our working families can afford, and fully funded public schools for every child.

I hope you’ll join me in building an Illinois that works for the many, not just a wealthy and connected few.

Warm regards,

Nidia Carranza